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Growing an entire world of possibilities and potential is no little thing. It has taken time. It has required sacrifices. It has stretched you in ways you've never imagined (literally and figuratively). This is the kind of thing people call god-like, and that is what you are. You are a creator. You are a goddess.

It's just hidden a little bit under the itchy swollen belly and ankles.

Let your inner goddess shine. Free yourself from forces that would bring you down and embrace yourself for what you truly are. There is no shame in recognizing your worth. Let me help you see it.

From that first flutter to the endless hiccups and acrobatics, this time is to be treasured.

You are a vessel of creation.


Lest you forget how amazing your body is. These sessions include 1-hour of on-site shoot time and a minimum of 20 images with their black and white counterparts.

Maternity session offerings start at $300


Individual & Couple


Up to 1-hour session
Partner included
20+ hand-edited images
Black and white duplicates
Online Gallery

Up to 90 minute session
Family included
30+ hand-edited images
Black and white duplicates
Online Gallery


Individual & Family

Maternity Packages


Are you ready to share your hearts with me?