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After that, it's all about enjoying yourselves. The best family photos are the ones where families are playing together and just having fun.

**extra tip: if you're going to be outdoors, bring extra shoes to walk in if yours aren't suited for terrain, and if it's cooler weather, bring warm coats/jackets/blankets for in-between shots.

- Find a color palette you like - this can usually be accomplished by searching "family photos" or even "color palettes" on Pinterest.
-From that color palette, choose 2-3 colors that you like other than neutrals (whites, grays, black, tan, etc.)
-You can use multiple shades of those colors, and supplement with 1 or 2 neutral colors. Try to avoid colors that are too similar.
-Use what you have - Look through your, and your kid's closets and see if you already have those colors in there. You don't HAVE to buy everyone new outfits... unless you want to. ;)
-Make sure you've chosen an outfit FOR YOURSELF that YOU LIKE, then style around yourself.
-Lay out your outfits on the floor or the bed layered like you guys are posed in a family photo. Switch items of clothing around to try different looks.
-Make sure you get a good balance of light and dark on shirts and pants (not all dark pants, not all light shirts).
-Don't be afraid to play with layering (jackets, vests, cardigans, etc.) and textures (knits, leather, corduroy, etc.).
-Ask a friend (or your photographer) for help! Sometimes, all you need is another pair of eyes. I ALWAYS call up my friend Mariasha to help me decide on my outfits and it really helps!
-Remember that the most important part of your family pictures are YOU. The outfits are fun and help create a beautiful, artistic image, but if you have to rearrange people because their outfit colors are not quite the same, it's okay.

But there are a few extra tips that I wasn't able to include in the reel. Look, I know choosing outfits can be frustrating, but over the years, I've learned a few tips that can help. Here come the bullet points!

I made it when I was pulling together outfits for my own family pictures, and was pretty proud of what I was able to put together!

A while back, I made a reel to quickly communicate my tips for choosing outfits for family photos.

How to choose outfits for family pictures



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